TMD’s New Eau-De-Vie

The team at Tamborine Mountain Distillery have done it again, producing a classy Eau De Vie that should certainly sit well on your spirits list. TMD’s new kid on the block’ is Eau de vie of Roses. The fruit distilled spirit is re-distilled with Old fashion perfumed roses that are grown at the distillery. This process results in a strong and velvety smooth Eau de Vie, perfect for cocktails or sipping neat.

With a glorious fragrance, each distillation comes from a small 80 litre pot still, bringing forth wonderful floral notes reminiscent of old fashioned rose gardens of yester year. A terrific spirit, backed by a record of consistency, the team at Tamborine Mountain Distillery is quite excited about their new addition.

For further information about this product contact Tamborine Mountain Distillery on 07 5545 3452

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