Thrice as Nice Gin

This new product was featured in the March edition of Bartender magazine.

Samuel Smith & Son have recently launched a new, premium gin into the Australian market. No.3 London Dry Gin is infused with three fruits and three spices, a combination that is believed to be ‘all that was deemed essential to the flavour of No.3 London Dry Gin’. Italian Juniper, with notes of pine and lavender; Sweet Spanish orange peel that gives freshness, and clean crisp acidity and Grapefruit peel to add ‘extra zingy lift’.

Angelica root shows through with its earthy and dry qualities; Moroccan coriander seed delivers a noticeable hint of lemon and spicy peppers; and Cardamom pods give No.3 London Dry Gin a spicy, aromatic and warm bite to finish. Smartly packaged, No.3 London Dry Gin should be an excellent tipple to serve tall or mix into a refreshing cocktail.


For further information about this product contact Samuel Smith & Son 08 8561 3253

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