This new bar was featured in the March edition of Bartender magazine.

Basement, 275 Clarence Street, Sydney
02 9264 3004

Do you remember the way that Grandma used to spoil you? Well the boys behind new Sydney small bar Grandma’s certainly do and their bar in turn aims to be a home away from home. The ‘brain-grandchild’ of James Bradley and Warren Burns, Grandma’s is an eclectic CBD offering that they describe as a “retro-sexual haven of cosmopolitan kitsch and faded granny glamour”.

Indeed the space is a patch work of beige mid-20th Century furniture and garishly bright knitting. The drinks however are much more tasteful and predominately rum focused. Get into their house Dark ‘n’ Stormy made with Pusser’s Rum and home-made ginger soda served in a tin mug, or try a serve of punch served from the bowl sitting on the bar top. Both are amiably matched with Grandma’s more-ish range of jaffles or with their juicy beef jerky.


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