Millswyn/ Bar 132

131-133 Domain Rd
South Yarra, Victoria
03 9866 5627

This latest ‘Gatsby’ like eatery is setting a trend on Melbourne’s ever growing bar and dining scene. The brainchild of young entrepreneur and restaurateur Davis Yu, the Millswyn offers guests a stunning view, a great atmosphere – and if you’re in the know, your own bothy-like hideaway bar inside; Bar 132. Head Chef, Nathan Johnson is showing his interpretation of classic French flavours, the aim being to create ‘a simple and produce driven menu’. This food is backed up by an extensive cocktail, drinks and wine list that was a collaboration between Ben Edwards, Dan Sims and Roland Dempster.

Bar 132, hidden away upstairs out of the view of prying eyes, is Yu’s little secret. “132 was born out of a love of the hidden,” states the man behind the idea. “The bar’s name is derived from the space left in The Millswyn’s address – 131-133 Domain Road. So 132 doesn’t exist then except as an in between space, inside the Millswyn.”


Yu believes that; “This is the perfect handle for a bar that takes as its starting point the clandestine speakeasy that had its halcyon days in early 21st century America. The idea is to encourage an intimate experience in a beautiful room, deliberately fashioned to accommodate only small groups who receive personal attention from a cocktail master to explore delights in taste and texture.”

The bar team has worked hard to bring an all round experience at the Millswyn. The bar can accommodate 18 guests at any one time and the team’s cocktail experimentation is ‘grounded in Old World flavours’. Those behind 123 see what they’re offering as ‘service of unrivalled attention’ – something that adds another enticing layer to the already smart Millswyn package.

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