Haitian Rhum Here!

This Drinks News item was featured in the April issue of Bartender magazine

Cerbaco has completed its rum portfolio by talking on some new Agricole additions.

Haiti’s Barbancourt 8 year old Rhum has an amber colour which is more pronounced than the 4-year-old, and an oily quality to it when poured into a glass. The nose is rich, harmonious, with vanilla and pepper evident and the body is powerful, soft and well-balanced. The spirits attack is fresh, but gives way to more powerful, complex notes, redolent of roasted coffee, cooked fruit (dried prune) and citrus compote (orange marmalade). Bottled at 43% abv.

For further information about this product please contact Cerbaco on 03 9646 8033

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  1. Hi AustralianBartender,

    Do you actually stock Barbancourt Rhum – It’s damn fine rhum and I’m running out.

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