Introducing: Samantha Reed

Samantha Reed

Venue: LL Wine & Dine
Llankelly Pls, Potts Point
02 9356 8393


How long have you been bartending?

Eight years


Where have you worked previously?

The Victoria Room, Rambutan, Mars Lounge, the Arthouse Hotel (all Sydney).

What is your proudest moment behind the bar?
I’m a Bartender, every day is rad!

And most embarrassing?

Meeting who I thought was the rep for Porfidio Tequila & running off a great spiel about the legend of the brand, how its owned by Mexican mafia and that the owner is on the run and there are cases of Tequila on the bottom of the sea blah blah blah. Only to have the gentleman proudly put out his hand & introduce himself as the owner of the company.

No, he was not mafia nor are there cases of his luscious tequila on the bottom of the sea. Epic fail.


What’s been your favourite bar to work in?

LL Wine & Dine … the Barge brothers are amazing & their Bar/Restaurant’s not bad either!

What’s your favourite bar gadget?

The trusty flat ended Bar Spoon

What’s your favourite movie?
Tarantino / Rodriguez ‘s whole body of work, e.g. Death Proof, Dusk Before Dawn etc

Favourite Song?

Sting “Roxanne”

What’s your favourite sport?

AFL (Go the Swannies!)


What’s your favourite cocktail?

Flor de Cana (18yr old) Old Fashioned.

Describe your fantasy bar?

Old school jazz bar – lots of leather, great selection of aged dark spirits & rocking, live music

What is your favourite product to work with at the moment & why?

Sazarac Rye – for the Sazarac’s & Old Fashioned’s

What products do you think will be hot over the coming year?

Winter is just around the corner so, Cognac’s & Armagnac’s

What do you drink to…

Quench your thirst?


Impress a man?

Rum Old Fashioned or a Blazer in winter

Unwind after a long shift?

Long necks of Tsing Tao

Can you tell us some of your favourite bars to visit?
Eau de Vie
& Shady Pines (Sydney), the Green Ant (Cairns), Harry’s Bar (Paris).

Other Stuff:

Can you perform any magic tricks or have any unusual talents?
I’m a fully licensed Skydiver

If you could have a superhuman power what would it be?
To fly!

Who is your hero? Alexx Stuart (Swainston).
This woman taught me so much of what I know & has been a mentor, an inspiration & is a testament to the ‘finer points’ of the biz. So it might sound a bit naff, naming one of your peers as your hero, but I don’t give a damn!

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