Month: June 2011

Rock Lily

Rock Lily is an intimate live music venue that’s got a taste for the hard edge of rock and roll and the sweet smooth side of tequila; the heavenly tipple that’s turning heads around the world. Off the back of the millions of dollars that are being injected into Sydney’s Star City casino complex it was only time before a new and exciting venue rose from the ashes, rearing its head to take stage on the Sydney bar scene.

The Wharf Hotel, Melbourne

Sitting proudly on the banks of the Yarra River and only a stones throw from Melbourne’s CBD, The Wharf Hotel is located in a prime area to capitalise on the recently developed waterfront precinct. “‘The Wharf Hotel is the only true pub on the Yarra River in the CBD. Enjoy the unique combination of a friendly local pub with waterfront views,” says Kylie Moncur Marketing Manager.

No More Wobbles!

Flat is a new technology that instantly stabilises tables and also includes a unique function that levels and aligns table tops. Six years and $10 million worth of research and development has produced this levelling and stabilisation technology that adjusts to any surface, locking into position to keep the table stable.

Bar Barossa

So this place doesn’t split hairs or sit on fences when it comes to taking sides…

June Issue Out Now!

The June issue of Australian Bartender magazine is out now – so be sure to grab your copy and check out some of these great stories.

Elements of Islay Available

Islay is a place of tradition and heritage and this new offering of Scotch showcases a young, contemporary and innovative side of the island’s world renowned whisky.

Internationalist: On your best behavior Part I

I promise this won’t be another bullshit piece about how we should all throw away our mobile phones and go back to the days when an evening’s entertainment consisted of standing around the piano singing vaudeville songs before a spot of light incest and some pipe smoking.

The Treehouse

“The Treehouse aims to bring a new sense of wining and dining in North Sydney, says Bec Baker. “There is a real emphasis on service here with an awesome atmosphere to go along with it. From fresh herbs growing in the garden, to baskets of lemons and knick knacks, our bar aims to not only offer first class food and drinks but also bring back something North Sydneysiders (and those who make the journey over there) can start to get excited about.”

A Sad Farewell

It is with great saddest that the team here at Bartender magazine and 4Bars heard…

Esquire’s Handbook for Hosts

This wee vintage find from 1949 is treasure trove of good old fashioned chauvinism, strong drink, and tips on how to run a successful party. There are recipes for bouillabaisse, instructions on how to carve, receipts for making Chatham Artillery Punch, rules for various card games, tips on dressing and even an etiquette refresher.

The Stuffed Beaver

Brody Peterson’s latest Bondi venture is a little piece of North America smack bang on one of Sydney’s busiest ex-pat strips, and it’s proving to be a great concept.