Australian Bartender magazine Tequila Quiz

1. What is a new practice in Tequila production that is trying to promote terrior?

2. Is the state of Jalisco in Mexico situated closer to the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico?

3. Which of the following is not a state in Mexico in which Tequila can be made?

A)     Tamaulipas
B)     Jalisco
C)     Oaxaca
D)     Michoacán
E)      Guanajuato


4. What significant events in the 1920s helped boost the popularity of Tequila in the USA?

5. In what decade was ‘mixto’ Tequila regulated by the Government to require ‘at least 51% blue agave’ in its production?

6. What is the name given to the traditional rounded axe used by the jimador to harvest the agave?

7. To convert an agave’s starch into fermentable sugars, at approximately what temperatures will they be slow cooked at?

8. What would be one advantage, and one disadvantage of cooking agaves in an autoclave?

9. What subcategory of Tequila could be best described from the following treatment and tasting note? At least 2, and a maximum 12, months maturation in oak barrels. Pale golden, mellow and fine agave taste.

10. Why would it be important for agaves to experience hot days and cooler nights whilst developing?

11. Which of the following is a subcategory of Tequila (mixto) but not of 100% agave Tequila?

A) Blanco
B) Reposado
C) Joven
D) Extra Añejo
E) Añejo


1. ‘Single rancho’ tequila aims at promoting the terrior of a specific site
2. Pacific
3. Oaxaco
4. Prohibition and the economic depression
5. 1970s
6. Coa de Jima
7. Around 60 degrees C
8. More rapid production, but supposed drop in quality of flavour
9. Reposado
10. To help the agave develop a good balance of sugars and acids
11. Joven

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