Month: July 2011

Brandy’s Best

Check out the great selection of brandy cocktails featured in the July issue of Australian Bartender magazine. Thanks to all the bartenders who sent through their drinks – keep them coming!

Suntory’s New Gins

Suntory are now showcasing a couple of stellar gins that’d be a great addition to your range. Gin Mare is a hand blended, super premium Gin distilled in a 19th Century chapel in a small fishing village near Barcelona on the Costa Dorada in Spain.

How To: Lovely Limoncello

Limoncello in the middle of winter you say? Well, whilst this mellow, yellow lemon flavoured liqueur might be a favourite when served chilled during our sweltering summer now is the time you might want to take a look at making you own.

Introducing: Gerald Faundez

In 2010 Gerald Faundez (X&Y Bar, Brisbane) made the Top 10 at the Bartender Magazine Bartender of the Year Competition, dazzling the judges with a charismatic display in the finals. After travelling through South America where he was inspired by the local Pisco and the chilled out drinking culture, we caught up with him for a chat about his career, his hobbies and his love for trashy martial arts movies.

Scotch: The Finest A Nation Can Offer

There are two distinct camps of Scotch whisky; Single Malt Scotch and Blended Scotch. The latter is the relative new kid on the block, only coming into existence since the ability to continuously distil spirits was available due to the advent of the Continuous still in 1831.

Italy’s New Premium Energy Drink

What you need to ask yourself is; what if there was an energy drink that actually tasted great, and was the perfect mixer? What if there was a premium energy drink from Italy that didn’t contain artificial flavours, colours or preservatives?

Chester White

The team at Chester White see their venue as, ‘the evolution of the neighbourhood bistro where great quality food, a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere, great value and generous hospitality all come together’. “It is already hugely popular with locals who have been spotted coming in on a regular basis,” says Director Glen Bagnara.

10 Cane’s New Look

10 Cane brings together the finest ingredients the Caribbean has to offer; hand cut sugar cane, rich soil, crystalline water and radiant sunlight. First press cane juice, small batch double distillation, French oak barrel aging and expert rum-making craftsmanship are the key elements of 10 Cane.

Vodka: Sydney’s Small Bars Shape Off

James Bradey (Grandma’s, Sydney) was keen to host this month’s event and welcomed the Sydney bar teams from Pocket and Stitch to his new haunt for an all out session on Vodka.

Byblos, Melbourne

The Ghanem Group has recently celebrated the opening of the group’s latest venture, Byblos Melbourne. The two level venue is located in Melbourne’s central business district within the new WTC Wharf dining precinct and builds upon the success of its sister business iconic Brisbane venue Byblos Bar & Restaurant.

Chivas’ 62 Gun Salute

It brings together the finest and rarest whiskies crafted by four generations of Master Blenders. As the pinnacle of the Royal Salute range, it takes its name from the annual celebrations of the Queen’s coronation, ’62 Gun Salute’, a time-honoured tradition that takes place at the Tower of London each year. Extremely rich with sumptuous fruit notes.