Rise ‘N’ Shine

This product featured in the May issue of Australian Bartender magazine.

OK, so it’s a citrus reamer but it’s still a pretty funky looking one you have to admit, so give it a chance.

The designer, Niklas Jakob, consulted numerous possibilities on the products basic shape before he settled on the sphere, why did he choose it? Jakob believes that the sphere “is a geometrical form that exudes calm and balance” and that’s what we all need in the middle of a busy right, calm and balance – so he might be onto something.

The materials used all join together in ‘undisturbed natural harmony’ and the Rise n Shine citrus reamer comprises simple utensils that have clean lines and look so good on display it’s almost worth having on the bar as your own little piece of zen – it also juices limes, lemons and all things citrus admirably, so it lives up to its purpose as well.


For more information about this product contact www.habitusliving.com

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