Chivas’ 62 Gun Salute

The 62 Gun Salute is a celebration of Royal Salute’s ongoing association with royalty and represents the ultimate tribute to the legacy of both monarchy and whisky craftsmanship. This fine Scotch brings together the finest and rarest whiskies crafted by four generations of Master Blenders.

As the pinnacle of the Royal Salute range, it takes its name from the annual celebrations of the Queen’s coronation, the ’62 Gun Salute’, a time-honoured tradition that takes place at the Tower of London each year. It is Extremely rich with sumptuous fruit notes.

An explosion of power bursts with a zenith of intense sweet Seville orange that mingles with a superb depth of nutty, oaky flavour. Just a sensation of smoke evokes a top dressing of distinction.


For further information contact Pernod Ricard on 02 8874 9335

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