Coney Island Bartender Bumfight goes Off!

Ben Tua channels his 'Pasterfarian' heritage at the Bumfight

As part of Sydney BarShow Week‘s official after-hours celebrations the Victoria Room once again play host to the “Coney Island Bartender Bumfight” – the yearly cocktail-off that sets new limits for outlandishly fast drinks creation.

Congrats to the team from Black Pearl who managed to take the top spot by knocking-up a Punch and serving it in an umbrella!

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Event: Coney Island Bartender Bumfight
Victoria Room, Level 1, 235 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst
Monday, September 12, 2011
Time: 7:00pm – late
Details: Spectators, supporters and crowd hecklers all welcome!


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The evening will take the form of  a Karate Kid style knockout tournament with 20 contestants (teams of two) from 10 bars having to make 10 classics (five drinks per bartender) from a list of 20 (without specs) drawn at random and announced to the contestants in front of the  rabid and baying spectators.

“The Coney Island Bartender Bumfight will showcase not only, teamwork and back breaking speed, but innovation and improvisation” says Victoria Room bar manager Lee Potter Cavanagh.”

Each of the five judges, comprised of local and international gurus, will assign the drinks a mark out of 10 to be held aloft, with the slower team losing a mark off their total for every 10 seconds they finish after the quicker team.

Bartenders will have to bring one crisply ironed $100 note per team to enter the comp with only one duo walking away with the cash – so if you’ve got the nerve to take on some of the best, then…come out and play. Visit the Facebook site for more information about how to get involved.

Head to for more on this, and the many other official events taking place during Sydney BarShow Week.

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