Dry Land Bar

Dry Land Bar in Redfern

92 Redfern Street

Roy Leibowitz (ex Love Tilly Devine) is now firmly behind the rudder of his own venue – the nautically inspired Dry Land Bar. This snazzy little hole in the wall is still so fresh on the market that the wall smell of lacquer.

With the usual hiccups that are bound to plague even the most humble of bar openings, the OLGR saw fit to ban his original name – Roy’s Milk Bar – for fear it would entice to much attention form children. Absurdity aside, the bar is now thriving (with adults) and the affable and laid back owner is as comfortable as if he’s in his own house.

On offer is a great little selection of more than substantial bar foods, and a sharp selection of drinks. Matt Sweiboda (Love Tilly Devine) is in control of the wine list for the time being, so expect to see few sharp offerings to enjoy when you drop in.

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