Brisbane operator set to launch

Under Constructions! - Elie Moubarak at the site of his soon to launch venue in Brisbane.

This news item appeared in the October issue of Australian Bartender magazine.

One of Brisbane’s leading industry operators Elie Moubarak (Laruche Supper Club and Lychee Lounge) is partnering with Daniel Chebib to open another hot spot for the ever growing Brisbane scene.

The venue doesn’t have a name as yet – and Moubarak stated that it’s still a bit of a way off – although they’re getting closer to pinpointing what they’ll have on offer. “It’s going to be a Moroccan, middle-eastern style bistro, with an Aussie twist to it,” he told Bartender. “The emphasis will be on communal eating and shared foods that are attractive to the late night diner.”


Moubarak tips the venue to be a late night haunt, and is hoping for a 2am licence. He is fascinated by the growing late-night culture that Brisbane is developing and wants to encourage ‘a social, drinking atmosphere that centres around good food and drink’. “Obviously we’re not a cocktail bar,” says Moubarak, “but there will be a good focus on drinks – wine especially, and it’ll be about finding drinks that match and compliment the food.

Pegged to open early in 2012 Moubarak welcomes the delayed timing of opening the new site. “The council is still throwing a few curve balls, so it’s good to not have to turn it around by November this year – we can focus on our other businesses at a busy time of year where we are making money.”

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