Month: December 2011

Syrups and Purees – A sticky situation

A while back (March, 2011) Bartender featured a recipe to make your own Orgeat syrup. As appealing as it might be, when you’re five deep and pumping out Mai Tais through summer’s long months having a stock of pre-made orgeat on hand, or a phone call away, is reassuring. So what else does using pre-made syrups and purees offer to a bartender? Chris Patsos from Posi-Pour Wholesalers, distributes the widely known and used Monin syrups, he knows that his products offer a number of distinct advantages. “Our products offer bar staff a higher quality in taste and aroma for their drinks,” he stated when asked about the benefits.

Kongs Jungle Lounge

A new restaurant lounge bar has opened up in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs – Kong’s Jungle Restaurant. “Kongs Jungle Lounge is a Tiki themed restaurant lounge right in the middle of Bondi Junction (jungle), in the heartland of the Eastern Suburbs,” says Sean Finlay co-owner of Kongs.

A Cocktail Trend to Far?

This might be drinks news related, but we decided to do a bit of investigating and ask some Aussie bartenders what they thought. The lads down at the High West Distillery (USA) have released their very own distillery crafted, and estate barrel aged, cocktail – the 36th Vote Barrelled Manhattan.

Magners Summer Flavours

This new product featured in the December issue of Australian Bartender magazine. Magners Irish Cider…

Introducing – Jessica Arnott

Placing in this year’s Top 11 at the Bartender of the Year Competition (sponsored by Reserve), Jessica Arnott is showcasing some fantastic bartending talent. You’ll find her at Sydney’s Victoria Room, the British-Raj inspired cocktail temple, where she’ll turn out quality drinks and fine chat with regulation ease if you drop in on a Friday night.

Bear Hug Infusions

Bear Hug is a true bottled infusion. 100% natural with no preservatives these infusions are ready to drink. Produced by master distillers and using premium products you can add a twist to your next cocktail creation by simply adding some Bear Hug vodka infusion to your drink.

The Brix

“The Brix is based on the foundation of a contemporary French Bistro,” says co-owner Emma O’Mara, who is running the venue with Keir Vaughn. “We wanted to create a space that was a thoughtful and beautiful experience for people.”

The Brix offers an experience through the flavours and textures of the food they deliver, and the duo aim to showcase the quality and detail of the Brix in everything that they do. “We are about having a whole lot of fun and taking away an experience that you think about for some time after you leave,” explains O’Mara

Riversdale’s Rapid Rise

The Riversdale Group is fast becoming one of the major multi-venue operators in NSW and with the backing of some key investors, including ad man John Singleton, they’re looking to keep growing.

Moscow’s inaugural Bar Show

Moscow recently experienced the bar show phenomenon with the Moscow Bar Show launching in September this year.

Organised by the PIR Group in co-operation with the British bar expert Andy Bishop the Russian bar community was able to experience the best of international bar culture. Nearly 6000 bar professionals visited the show and they were treated to a host of industry icons – many of whom have been regular fixtures at Sydney BarShow Week in years past and present.

Salvatore Calabrese (Salvatore’s at the Playboy Club, London) David Cordoba (Bacardi Global Brand Ambassador), Thomas Estes (European Tequila Ambassador), Joe Fee, Phil Bayly and Ian Burrell were all on hand to educate and stimulate what was an excited and enthusiastic Russian crowd.

Classic Cocktail – The Sherry Cobbler

The Sherry Cobbler, like many of the greatest potent potables, is an American invention. David Wondrich tells us in Imbibe! that a Victorian novelist by the name of Charles Reade in 1863 lists the Sherry Cobbler foremost in his list of American mixtures ahead of Gin Sling, Cocktail, Mint Julep, Brandy Smash, Sudden Death and Eye Openers. Wondrich adds: “If someone had waved Reade’s little list under the nose of the average drinking man in 1863 and made him choose one drink to stand the test of time, odds are heavy that he would’ve gone for the Sherry Cobbler”.