El Capo

52 Waterloo St
Surry Hills, Sydney
02 9699 2518

El Capo was started by husband and wife team, Omar & Dianna Andrade who have previously run Transient Diner – an underground dining concept that focused on featuring young, new talent.

The duo came across loads of talented young chefs and decided to put their money were their mouth is by appointing one of them as head chef. Joey Astorga (previously at Bentley Bar and Galileo) heads up the kitchen team and is cooking Latin Street food, Puerto Rican, Colombian and Mexican classics while being sure to steer well away from any sort of menu cliché.


“We simply didn’t want to be another Mexican restaurant with wrestlers and sleepy donkeys!” said Dianna Andrade. There’s Char-grilled Swordfish, Duck Three Way(s) Grits & Pork and fresh made Torillas to munch on, and a smart little Chilean Carmenere for red, or a lean Pinot Gris from Mendoza for white to help wash it all down.

The trendy restaurant also features street art by talented artists Numskull and Roach along with portraits of infamous ‘Narco Cinema’ stars for added effect.

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