A Cocktail Trend to Far?

This news story appeared in the December issue of Australian Bartender magazine.

Ok this might be drinks news related, but we decided to do a bit of investigating and ask some Aussie bartenders what they thought. The lads down at the High West Distillery (USA) have released their very own distillery crafted, and estate barrel aged, cocktail – the 36th Vote Barrelled Manhattan.

The team bypassed the Federal tax system by securing vermouth wholesale then mixed up their tipple before ageing it for four months in old rye whiskey barrels. While an interesting concept some leading Aussie barkeeps were cautiously hesitant at passing control out of their hands.

“I prefer to have greater control when making a cocktail,” explained James Bradey (Grandma’s, Sydney). “I would be interested in trying 36th Vote before a pass judgment but I would prefer to make my drinks from scratch.”


Melbourne barman Chris Hysted (Black Peal & The Attic) said; “With these styles of cocktails now being commercially available I believe it detracts from the creative freedom and expression which lies at the heart of the movement.”

So for the time being it seems that barrel ageing will remain in the hands of bartenders, in Australia at least.

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