Not so Shady. The Baxter Inn opens its doors.

This News Item featured in the January issue of Australian Bartender magazine

When the opening of a new bar makes it into the News pages of Bartender, it’s got to be something pretty special. Back in mid-2011 we showed off Anton Forte and Jason Scott in the midst of renovating their basement site, and now months later we’re back and The Baxter Inn is humming.

It’s a trifle hard to find, and that’s the point, but if you don’t mind walking past bins and down alleys and fire escapes then you’re in for a treat as this gem of a venue. The old unused basement is replete with Romanesque-aqueduct style brick arches, vintage memorabilia and a dark hardwood bar that runs the length of the venue.

“We’re really, really happy,” stated Forte while chatting on a quick break. “There’s been loads of positive feedback too.” When pressed about the crowd they’re pulling, it seems like the words gotten out to a whole new troupe, and Forte says that Baxter is full of loads of new faces – and malt advocates.


“We are selling loads of whiskies and there are heaps of girls buying it which is awesome.” It’s a world away from their other venue, Shady Pines Saloon, but the service and staff are still razor sharp and have donned some dapper outfits to finish off the old-school New England bar style. The Baxter Inn, 154 Clarence St, Sydney and is open from 4pm daily.

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