G’Vine Gin Connoisseur 2012

G’Vine Gin de France has recently announced the launch of the G’Vine Gin Connoisseur 2012. What is it? A global quest for the world’s best gin bartender and this year’s theme is French Classics.

Update! Update! Update! Aussie bar girls storm in the Wild Card positions.

Australian barkeeps have once again proved their worth on the international cocktailing scene with Jessica Arnott and Mischa Bonova being selected as the Wild Card entrants. “For Australia this is a rather noteworthy achievement, and testament to just how good Oz is at this cocktail lark!” said Philip Duff once the Wild Cards were announced.

The girls are now set to head to France to compete in the finals.


In 2010 Australia’s Martin Lange (Sling Lounge) made it to the global final. However 2011 saw a lack of Australian ‘tenders promoting their botanicals and it was enough to get Philip Duff seriously concerned.

“More representation, from what I consider the world’s best bar community, would warm the cockles of my heart,” said Duff when asked about the prospect of Aussie entrants in 2012.

What you’ll need:

  • Absolute knowledge of the entire gin category
  • Excellent skills as a host
  • Be a technically skilled bartender
  • Have an engaging personality

What’s the catch? Nothing. Any full-time bartender can enter, regardless of whether your venue pours G’Vine. As long as you’re passionate, prepared and happy to head to Cognac in May for the finals (if you make it…) then you can get involved.

*For Australian bartenders, you’ll need to head to Xtranormal.com to create your G’Vine cartoon – it’s easy – just remember the following:

  • Mention G’Vine in the cartoon
  • Theme it French Classics
  • Submit it by May 1, 2012
  • Complete the online exam by April 1, 2012


Sound like you?

Then head to www.legcp.fr to complete the online exam for a chance in this year’s program and put a smile of Duff’s face!

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