Little Red Pocket

This New Bar featured in the March issue of Australian Bartender

422 Little Collins Street

The space that once housed the old Balcony Bar has given way to Little Red Pocket, a stylish new Japanese bar that’s shaking up the social scene and causing a storm in a sake cup.

With its extensive range of sake, cocktails and Izakaya snacks available in the evening, Little Red Pocket is another fantastic addition to Melbourne’s ever growing range of Asian-styled tippling haunts, and it’s certainly worth checking out. David Van Iersal (ex-Nobu chef) is part of the team that’s steering Little Red Pocket during service and was behind the drinks list that’s on offer.


Challenging the drinking norm, Iersal developed a list that combines numerous Japanese spirits including, Jumai Saki, Umeshu and Shochu into cocktails like the Lychee Longtime, sake, lychee and ginger beer, lemon and vanilla, and the Mr Miyagi, Yamazaki 12, raspberry puree, lengthened with cranberry juice and a hint of fresh lemon. Take your time to enjoy the drinks in the venue’s plush settings.

You can perch at the high bar tables nibbling tempura and taste testing sake, or recline in the cushioned booths with your Japanese malt and some beef tataki. Tough choice.

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