Spey River & Glen Moray malts

These new products featured in the recent April edition of Australian Bartender magazine

NILWA has a couple of Spey malts that are at opposite ends of the ageing spectrum. The Spey River 8 year old is a bourbon oak aged spirit with a copper, honey colour and rich vibrant nose.

On the palate it is full of life and vitality and stands up suitably in cocktails. Well balanced and generous in the mouth, it is a cracking example of what to expect from a youthful Spey whisky.


At the more mature spectrum is the Glen Moray 16 year old, which has hints of sweet barley sugar, dried fruit and a touch of peat and smoke. Glen Moray distillery converted from brewing to distilling in 1897 and since then has been producing single-malt to it time honoured traditions.

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