Salt to Season Chinatown Nightlife

This news item featured in the recent April issue of Australian Bartender

Maz Salt, Director of Melbourne’s Office of Public Works (behind Section 8, Baba and Southpaw) has unveiled plans for a new cocktail bar that should be serving up well-chilled drinks by the time this magazine arrives in your lap.

Ferdydurke, as the venue will be named, is located directly next to Section 8 on Tattersalls lane in Chinatown. At present Salt isn’t giving away a lot about his new venture though he is letting us know it will be an artistic driven venue that will appeal to the city’s cultural elite and its anti-establishmentarians.

“Our attitude is formed from the arts and music: from punk to dada, street-art to hip-hop, techno to sculpture,” explains Salt. “We’re creating a comfortable space to stir, and whet, creative appetites.


Ferdydurke will be standing somewhere between the drunken Surrealism of Charles Bukowski and the sobering rationalism of Ingmar Bergman, most of all is a place for fun times, good tunes and questionable behavior.” Sounds intriguing.

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