Month: April 2012

Parched March 2012 raises $20,000

This time round $20,000 was raised for the Animal Welfare League (NSW) and Parched March founder, Amy Cooper, was thrilled at the outcome.”We’re thrilled to have doubled last year’s total,” Cooper said. “The support and enthusiasm we had from our participating bars this year was unprecedented. They created amazing drinks, put on exciting events and threw themselves into raising money for a very grateful Animal Welfare League NSW.”

Philip Duff – Livin’ On The Edge

A problem I’ve seen lately is that such brands are already anticipating being bought by big firms and have an only slightly daring take on things. They are like secretaries ordering Cosmopolitans instead of Fuzzy Navels and thinking themselves cutting-edge fashionistas. I recently evaluated a new whiskey brand for a potential client. It had an attractive, colourful, different appearance and layers upon layers of detail, but not one thing stood out.

Introducing Bar Week!

Today’s young adult consumers are showing that they are eager to learn more about quality drink brands, cocktail culture and most importantly that they appreciate the variety of bars both big and small that exist in Sydney and elsewhere.

You just have to see the number of relatively new and successful consumer food and drink events taking place around the country to see that consumers want to drink and eat better and are prepared to pay a bit more to do so.

New Look for iconic Plymouth Gin

The new look bottle that’s doing the rounds is a tribute to the unique heritage of Plymouth Gin and the new copper cap is a reference to the single copper still that has produced Plymouth Gin since early Victoria times.

Plymouth Gin comes from the seaport town of the same name in South West England where it has been produced at the Black Friars Distillery since 1793. The whole range is set to be ungraded and pictured here is the Navy Strength Plymouth Gin which comes in at a stomach settling 57% abv.

Little Red Pocket

The space that once housed the old Balcony Bar has given way to Little Red Pocket, a stylish new Japanese bar in that’s shaking up the social scene and causing a storm in a sake cup.

With its extensive range of sake, cocktails and Izakaya snacks available in the evening, Little Red Pocket is another fantastic addition to Melbourne’s ever growing Asian-styled tippling haunts that is certainly worth checking out. David Van Iersal (ex-Nobu chef) is part of the team that’s steering Little Red Pocket during service and was behind the drinks list that’s on offer.

Perth’s El Publico set to take a page from Tio’s style

Perth is continuing to hot up with El Publico set to be up and running by the time this issue is doing the rounds. The new contemporary style Mexican venue is a collaboration from Paul Aron (ex-Greehouse), Michael Ford (ex-Der Raum & Catina 663) and Alex Cuccovia (ex-Cantina 663) and will look to bring a fun, up-tempo

Natasha Conte – One of the industry’s leading ladies

Natasha Conte has been the face and driving force behind Black Pearl for over a decade. In that time her Melbourne institution has picked up numerous accolades, including most recently the Australian Bar Awards’ Bar Team of the Year in 2011

Bar Profile: Freda’s

Freda’s (first featured in February’s How To shoot) is tucked neatly down a narrow brick alley driveway in Chippendale, Sydney. Opening in October of last year the venue was ‘soft trading’ for a few months to get things right before it launched itself officially to the public. This hasn’t stopped it already developing a cult following however, and Marty Campaign (general manager) was keen to talk up the venue’s early popularity.

Lillet additions now available through Cerbaco

Lillet Rouge is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet wine combined with fruit liqueurs such as Valencian sweet oranges, bitter oranges from Haiti and Peruvian cinchona bark. The Rose adds Semillion grapes to the Merlot/ Cabernet blend. Both undergo a full year of ageing in oak casks to add complexity.