The Crown’s Jewel Shines

Club 23

This News Item featured in the April issue of Australian Bartender

James Packer (chairman of Crown), Shane Warne and Joe Hachem recently launched Melbourne’s ultra-exclusive night spot – Club 23. The opulent venue is set to set the standard for high-end tippling and with stunning panoramic views to boot it will be hard to top this venue when it comes offering a touch of luxury.

While our favourite king-o-spin Warnie is not considered a financial backer of the venue, he was said to have been involved in the collaboration process of the venue, and helping to make sure it suited a high class of style “Club 23 is fast-becoming Melbourne’s premium destination for its sophistication and style,” Ann Peacock (general manager – public relation for Crown) told Bartender recently, “it is the jewel in Crown’s vast offering.”

The drinks offering showcases Club 23’s determination to offer a high-end service, with a Dom Pérignon Champagne Classic Champagne Cocktail for a trifle under $200 (includes vintage Dom and Hennessy Paradi Extra Cognac). Venue manager, Ian Davis, is heading up the new Melbourne addition and is proud of the team he’s assembled to man the bar.  “Our team of experienced beverage connoisseurs are a collection of some of the best in Melbourne,” he stated when asked about the crew.


“The beverage menu features the finest and rarest spirits, liquors, mouth-watering cocktails and luxury wines sourced from all over the world.”

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