Bartenders Go Global

This news item featured in the April issue of Australian Bartender

March saw the launch of the Global Bartender Exchange an online network that connects international bartending communities. The project is the brain child of Fraser Campbell – an expat Scottish bartender – and Hannah Keirl who are both working at Melbourne’s The Alchemist.

Through online forums, The Global Bartender Exchange hopes to aid bartenders in efficiently networking before travelling to other cities facilitating jobs, accommodation and local contacts. With each city having its own unique forum, bartenders and hospitality professionals can also share information regarding events, competitions and gatherings.

“This idea came from a conversation myself and Hannah were having one afternoon when talking about potential travelling options and we were figuring out who we knew in different cities around the globe,” explains Fraser.


“Bartenders have at their disposal one of the greatest professional networks in the entire world, that is, if you know the right people.”

Find them on Facebook or Google them on your iBrain.

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