Month: June 2012

Gary Regan – Parisian Chic

A few weeks ago I was in the City of Light for just one night, and I was told to try the drinks at Candelaria. The place is nestled at the back of a taco shop, it packs an earthy vibe, and the drinks there are top-notch. I gave the bartenders at Candelaria a little test, and they passed with flying colors.

Scotch Whisky – Talking youth in an age old industry

Don’t be afraid to move away from stocking just the regulation names and typical age statements behind your bar. Have some youthful Speyside malt and a young Islay expression on hand to offer people – it’ll be a revelation for all involved. Build it (or rather stock it) and they will come. Spruik the wonders of the spirit’s character. Tell customers that the whisky is as fresh and sweet as sitting at Port Askaig on a hot May afternoon and there’s just a hint of sea salt from the ocean spray. Tell the something. Get them excited.

We want you! Want to write for Bartender magazine?

We are looking for a talented barkeep who has got as much flair with the pen as they do with a jigger to join our team a few days a week at our Sydney office.
You must have previous publishing experience and a good work ethic.

Sydney CBD finds its Mojo

Nestled behind an actual basement record store on 73 York Street, Sydney, Mojo Record Bar is set to be a new home for fans of 60s, garage, surf and stoner rock. The venue, which opened early this month everything going to plan, is brought to you by Daniel McManus, John Bunt and Natalie Ng (ex-Hugos Bar Pizza and Café Pacifico) who will also be managing the 120 capacity venue. “We’ll be playing a bit of cheesey stuff too with a splash of Neil Young and more modern groups like the White Stripes,” adds Ng.

El Publico, Perth

Another West Australian venue that’s a welcome addition to the Aussie bar landscape is El Publico, and it is so new the bar floor probably isn’t even dirty yet. By all accounts however, they are serving up some sensational treats and welcoming in the locals.

Bottled Cocktails – A brief look at the real ‘RTDs’

You would be forgiven for thinking that bottled cocktails are a relatively new fad – a result of liquor multi-nationals trying to maximise profit. But cast aside the rash of premixed beverages filling liquor store shelves for minute a take a look back into the murky booze laced history of mixed drinks and you’ll see that the bottled convenience of pre-mixed beverages has long been popular.

Absolut Wild Tea now available

Available throughout Australia since early May, Absolut Wild Tea combines the rich notes of oolong tea and the delicacy of Scandinavian white elderflowers.