Whisky educator hits the world wide web

Broom. Loves a dram.

This News Item featured in the May issue of Australian Bartender

David Broom is a man whose business it is to get around the world of whisk(e)y and he recently launched theworldmasterclass.com so that he might share his vast knowledge with those who dare. “The aim of The World Masterclass of Whisky is simple,” Broom told Bartender. “To educate people around the world about spirits! And whisky is just the start!”

If you sign on for the program you’ll be well rewarded with the content. At the moment there’s five levels, with numerous individual modules spread throughout. Included are: whisky ingredients, focus on water, labels and regulations, malting & kilning, mashing, distillation – get the picture? It’s exceptionally detailed and the interactive tasting sessions are a superb way to broaden your understanding of specific expressions.

Broom is excited about the initial launch, and while it’s decidedly focused on the Scotch for now, you can bet he’s got some surprises planned. “Year two of whisky – with a greater concentration on distilleries, blends and Irish whiskey is due for release later this year, with plans afoot for [more on] American, Canada and Japan. We’ll be filming in Cognac later this year and have got the ‘classroom’ content for rum in the can already.”


While the answer was somewhat obvious we had to ask why put this all together? “Because consumers around the world are becoming increasingly interested in spirits and while there are great brand-led initiatives there is nothing independent out there which gives them the big picture as far as history, production and most importantly flavour.” Broom explained.

There’s a trade element too, a vital feature according to Broom. “In many ways [this is] even more important. I’ve been involved in training for a long time and know that not only is there a growing desire by bartenders for information, but a growing need for them to know the stories behind spirits in order to sell and make better drinks.”

Get involved by heading to theworldmasterclass.com to sign up and start your educational journey or email info@theworldmasterclass.com for more info.

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