Month: July 2012

Classic Cocktail – The Lion’s Tail

I used to look quizzically at punters coming up to the bar asking for a wedge of lime in their Scotch and soda or bourbon and coke. I mean, who does that? Lime with whisky? You must be off your rocker! But take the time flick through some old recipes and you’ll find that there is indeed a historical, mixological precedent. The Mamie Taylor – a Scotch highball with lime and ginger ale – is a fine and delicious example and the Lion’s Tail, printed below, shows bourbon to be a simpatico partner to lime also.

Vok Liquid Chocolat Liquor

Made with fine European chocolate and blended with a perfect balance of rum, this new decadent liqueur is now available through Vok Beverages.

Cabiria Luncheonette & Oyster Bar

What piqued our interest initially was the name ‘Luncheonette & Oyster Bar’ – we really had to check out a place that prefaced itself as if it was operating in the mid-19th century (there was a popular Oyster Bar operating on George Street, Sydney in 1880s for example).

Merivale strikes a double

Well known for his mega-venue, ivy, Justin Hemmes has again showed why he is the most influential personality in the hospitality scene by opening Palmer & Co. and The Fish Shop is successive weeks. Palmer & Co. is a certified cocktailing haven tucked under the iconic Tank Stream Bar.

Drinks With – Dave Broom

Dave Broom is one of the globe’s foremost authorities on the golden dram. If you haven’t checked out his voluminous educational platform then you’re living a life half full. We’re practically obsessed with malt over here at Bartender HQ and so it no surprise that we took the time out to ask Dave a few whisky related questions.

Tio’s Cerveceria

This is one Tequila watering hole that is seriously shaking up the Surry Hills landscape. Tio’s has been trading for a few months now and while it’s taken the Bartender photographer a bit of time to get down there, boy whiz is that place impressive. From the relative humble shell that we featured back in October, Tio’s has within it a stand alone enclosed bar that houses enough Tequila to sink a small ship

TMD Launches Sugar Cane Spirit

This is Australia’s first high quality ‘Cachaca’ styled spirit. Produced from Queensland’s finest sugar cane juice the method of copper pot distillation, plus the exceptional purity of Tamborine Mountain’s spring water results in a grassy smooth drop full of flavour and smoothness.

The Little Guy

We’re hard pressed for space each month with so many new bars opening up, but this one needs a bit of a plug. On the main strip in Glebe The Little Guy is doing good things for the ‘friendly local bar’ category.