Cocktail Experiment – Vodka

Address: Harbourside Shopping Centre, 10 Darling Drive, Sydney 2000
Phone: 02 9281 4440

Cocktails created and styled by the team from Cohibar, Sydney


Bartender headed down to Cohibar on a stellar afternoon with a line-up of good vodkas was something to envy, and the team of bartenders – Sam Bygrave, Ollie Light, Mike Sales, Daniel Noble and Mike Lowe – were keen as mustard to have a bit of hair of the dog. Check out the sensational cocktails that they whipped up – well done lads, a great job all round!

Mikey Sales

Cocktail: The Russian Mule

  • 30ml Stolichnaya 40%abv
  • 15ml St. Remy brandy
  • 15ml Vanilla Galliano liqueur
  • 2 dash orange bitters
  • half an orange – muddled
  • 15ml gomme
  • splash of ginger beer

*Muddle orange and build ingredients on top. Shake with ice and pour all into a highball. Garnish with an orange horses neck.

What Mike says: “The vodka showed lovely citrus flavours and a well rounded body. I wanted to put a summery taste on the classic Mule cocktail, using very fresh ingredients and making something easy to drink.”

Oliver Light

Cocktail: Salsa Picante

  • 40ml Russian Standard Gold
  • 10ml Drambuie
  • 10ml King’s Ginger liqueur
  • Half a red chilli
  • 10 mint leaves
  • 20ml fresh lime juice
  • 20ml gomme

*Add all to a cocktail shaker, shake and double strain into a frozen coupette

What Oliver says: “Nothing beats a bit of spice in your life and what better way to get it than with some fiery Russian vodka, flaming fresh chilli and nippy ginger.”

Daniel Noble

Cocktail: Mr. T

  • 60ml Absolut Wild Tea 40% abv
  • 90ml hot water
  • 20ml fresh grapefruit juice
  • 10ml homemade spiced honey
  • 1 dash Fee Brothers Peach Bitters

*Build together with hot water and serve. Recipe can easily be adapted to serve as a group offereing, Garnish with after dinner cakes and a grapefruit twist pressed with cloves.

What Daniel says: “I pity the fool!”

Sam Bygrave

Cocktail: 666 Flip

  • 40ml 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka 40% abv
  • 20ml Tawny Port
  • 1 dash Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters
  • 1 while egg
  • 30ml cream
  • Nutmeg for garnish

*Build in a cocktail shaker, dry shake to emulsify and then shake hard with ice. Strain into fancy crystal glassware – if available.

What Sam says: “We started out with a vodka Milk Punch but needed more weight, so I matched the woody notes of the spirit with walnut bitters, some Port for richness and a garnish of nutmeg to complete.”

Mike Lowe

Cocktail: The Hubba Bubba Experiment

  • 30ml TMD Wild Citrus Vodka 40% abv
  • 15ml Catron crème de peach
  • 10ml Chartreuse Green
  • 3 drops Ricard
  • 1 spritz of blue bitters

*Add to a cocktail shaker and shake with chunks of ice. Strain into a cocktail glass filled with shaved ice. Garnish with shaves of Hubba Bubba.

What Mike says: “Originally I went for a Negroni style of cocktail, yet the candied characters of the vodka turned me back to my first instincts. The bold flavour holds well throughout the drink without becoming masked by the confidence of the Chartreuse or Ricard.”

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