Tio’s Cerveceria


This New Bar featured in the June issue of Australian Bartender magazine.

4-14 Foster Street, Syrry Hills
02 9999 9999

This is one Tequila watering hole that is seriously shaking up the Surry Hills landscape. While Tio’s has been trading for a number of months now, it’s taken the Bartender photographer a bit of time to get down there but boy whiz is this place impressive.

From the relative humble shell that we featured back in October, Tio’s has within it a stand alone enclosed bar that houses enough Tequila to sink a small ship.


The front men, Jason Dowd and Jeremy Blackmore, are ecstatic at the local reaction that their humble little bar is generating and their totally tatted team of bartenders is helping to give Tequila an excellent reputation.

Laid out like a beer hall the venue features long share tables that give you a chance to hunker down and mingle with the mixed crowd that’s coming down, all while knocking back some Mexican beers and the house-made popcorn.

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