Cabiria Luncheonette & Oyster Bar


This new bar was featured in July’s issue of Australian Bartender magazine.

Cabiria Luncheonette & Oyster Bar

No.6 The Barracks
61 Petrie Terrace
07 3368 2666

What piqued our interest initially was the name ‘Luncheonette & Oyster Bar’ – we really had to check out a place that prefaced itself as if it was operating in the mid-19th century (there was a popular Oyster Bar operating on George Street, Sydney in 1880s for example).

What they are serving is food that bartenders would really appreciate – not that that’s necessarily the crowd they’re attracting – and I’d implore Brissie’s ‘small bar’ operators to check it out to see how a small space and offering can pack a punch.


Expect the sort of ‘penchant’ dishes that well rounded cocktailing bon vivants like to nibble on, such as fresh market oysters shucked to order, Sashimi, Charcuterie, Terrines and Steak Tartare. It’s wine heavy at Cabiria and they do it well with every nook and cranny of the small space packed with bottles.

The list is pretty accessible by the glass and the staff are happy to open a few options for a taste. Options include Gruner Veltliner (aromatic and refreshing), Loire Gamay (nice and fresh, red fruits like strawberries and a bit of ‘funk’ on the nose that blows off after a while) Valpolicella (an Italian wine that’s an all round friend to food) and a Bartender favourite – a German Riesling that was lean and mean with a nice balanced sweetness.

Definitely a place worth checking out on a day off.

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