Introducing: Peter Walker


Venue: Pyrmont Point Hotel
Address: 59 Harris Street
Phone: 02 9660 1908

You’ll find Peter down at Pyrmont’s Point Hotel serving up a few beers, some cocktails, and a good dose of charisma. The Point has had a pretty smart refurbishment recently, and despite being down the most northern end of the ‘mont, it attracts a good crowd and has some great beers on offer. A big thanks to Ali Windle for helping out and getting Peter ready on time too!

How long have you been bartending?

8 Years.


Where have you worked previously?
Cargo Bar & Lounge, Art House, the Argyle , Ministry of Sound in London followed by a four year stint running bars and clubs in Whistler Canada.

Before you were bartending what were you doing with yourself?
Retail Management.

What is your proudest moment behind the bar?
Winning the Gentleman Jack bar flair comp in Canada.

And the most embarrassing?
Viagra and work the next day = a long story!

How do you keep the ‘chat’ up while you’re at work?
We’re lucky enough we have a pretty solid base of regular customers who are always smiling and interacting with the staff. This makes it easy to start a conversation.

What advice would you give a rookie bartender?
Enjoy yourself – work hard, play hard!


What’s been your favourite bar to work in?
Pyrmont Point Hotel…of course!

What’s your favourite bar gadget?
Muddler – great way to release flavours when making cocktails.

What’s your favourite city to visit?
Porta Via Ada Mexico.

What’s your favourite movie?
Toss up between Boogie Nights and Ferris Bueller’s day off.

What’s your favourite song?
Percy Sledge, When a man loves a woman.

What’s your favourite sport?
Rugby Union.

Can you tell us some of your favourite bars to drink at?

Opera Bar and Café Sydney are definitely winner’s for the view, not to mention their delish cocktails!

What is your favourite product to work with at the moment and why?
Anything from the Tambourine Mountain Distillery liqueur range is incredible!

What do you drink to…

Unwind after a long shift?
Reschs Draught.

Impress a woman?
Cocktails! Great talking point and always good to share.

If you could have a drink with one person (alive or dead) who would it be and why?
Definitely my old man! He passed away earlier this year and is truly missed.

What cocktail trends are popular at the moment?
House made bitters, sodas and tonics to accompany drinks; a continuation of classic recipes and drinks served on the rocks are quite popular during winter too.

If you could have a superhuman power what would it be – why?
To be able to fly – purely for the freedom.

If you were to be something other than a bartender, what would it be and why?
A millionaire – a lad of luxury wouldn’t be a bad gig!

Who’s your hero?
My mum.

What products do you think will be popular over the coming months?
Strom – highly versatile in classic cocktails.

Last drink ever – what would it be?

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