Month: October 2012

How to: Fat Washing

“Fat’s ability to absorb flavour and aroma was know to man in Ancient Egypt and in the perfume industry the process of infusing fat has a fancy name; enfleurage.”


East of Everything

If you were at cocktail joint, Bar None, in Camberwell and got a little restless and went exploring, you might be surprised at what you find…

Troubled Absinthe

“As long as you didn’t have a nip or two of absinthe it was quite fine to drink five litres of wine a day, thank you very much.”

Classic: Between the Sheets

“Stronger than its kissing cousin the Sidecar and almost as smooth, though without the Sidecar’s peculiar magic” – David Wondrich

Chuckle Park

It looks like a budding food truck entrepreneur became disheartened and ditched their caravan in a Melbourne laneway. But take a closer look. There’s 5L kegs of Heineken and Little Creatures for sale, paella being served from the counter window cut into the caravan, a licence plate that reads “CHUCKIES”.

Perth gets a little Varnish

Award-winning operator of Luxe Bar, Andy Freeman, is set to spruce up the streets of Perth’s CBD.

Beaut’ Barware, part 2

It was the burgeoning ice trade that elevated the barkeep from a man filling glasses with liquor to a conjuror of magical mixes.

Beaut’ Barware

They say a poor workman blames his tools. Fine and dandy if you’re a workman-like bartender. If you’re in a venue which expects you to more craftsman than journeyman however it might pay to make sure you’re well equipped.