Beers and boutique rooms next for Short


Fresh from his successful launch of The Morrison, Fraser Short is casting his eye towards Sydney’s eastern suburbs with the recent purchase of the Watsons Bay Hotel.

Pub baron, Arthur Laundy, is on board as a partner in the joint venture. Short will be running the operation, and he has big aspirations. “We want to bring the Watsons Bay back to its rightful place as a destination venue that the whole of Sydney can be proud of,” said Short. “This is a massive long term project, besides the beer garden having 850 seats and the accommodation of 32 boutique rooms with ensuites, there is unlimited potential for event opportunities.Arthur shares the same vision as I do in wanting to give the community of Sydney and residents of the eastern suburbs a landmark destination location.”

That means he’ll implement “a strong food and beverage offering,” he said, “[and] increase the function capacity and look to overtime continue to upgrade the magnificent boutique accommodation offering the Hotel currently has.” Changes will be made each month but Short is eyeing off winter as a time to make big changes. The effort involved looks like plans he had to set up a restaurant and bar in east Sydney will go on the backburner, said Short. “Watsons Bay will take up considerable energy and time,” he said. Short’s famous hospitality won’t take any time to hit the ground running, however. “The beers are colder than ever down here at the Watson’s Bay,” said Short, “[I’d] love to have you down over summer!”


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