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The Rabbit Hole

82 Elizabeth Street
02 8084 2505
Molecular mixology, modernist mixology – call it what you will, the fad became a trend which has now become a permanent part of a bartender’s repertoire. And at The Rabbit Hole, they’re doubling down on modernist techniques, which form the basis of a lot of their drinks. So they’re throwing spirits at the sous-vide machine and salting and smoking. “We use Sous Vide cooking to infuse our alcohol to produce a cleaner, stronger tasting and more consistent infusion”, said owner and bartender, Doug Laming. There is a lot of attention going into the food as well: try the tiede wagyu with onsen egg (a slow cooked egg cooked at a low temperature) and truffle meringue. If you’re feeling alcoholically adventurous hit up the Kraken’s Prey – they line the martini glass with squid ink.

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