A rendezvous with Utah’s High West Whiskey


You know what you need more of in your life? Utah whiskey.

Vanguard Luxury Brands have had a cracker couple of years and are adding three new brands to their portfolio this year. Along with the home-grown Regal Rogue vermouth they have just added, and in addition to taking over Stolen Rum they are importing High West Whiskey’s Rendezvous Rye to the country, adding to their already excellent whiskey collection. The Rendezvous Rye combines a young whiskey and an old whiskey – a 6 year old with a 95% rye mashbill, and a 16 year old with 80% rye. We imagine this dram will be in high demand.

For more information contact Vanguard Luxury Brands on 1300 374 657


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