Fourth Wall


743 Ann Street
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Back in our June issue we brought you the news that this bar from Chris Denman (who placed 2nd to Jason Williams in the Bartender Magazine 2010 Bartender of the Year competition) and partner Stevie Wright would be coming. Its been open a few months now, and things are going well.

The name refers to the lingo of the theatre, where the “fourth wall” is that between the audience and the players on stage. With this in mind, the bar is no over the top production. Instead, they want to keep things casual, said Denman. “We like to think of Fourth Wall as a house party, nothing huge. Imagine if you placed a bar in the middle of your living room, invited all of your friends over, plugged in your iPod on shuffle and had someone to clean it all up after you, that’s us,” said Denman.

It’s a small, intimate space that they like to think of as a hideaway from the busyness and loudness of the rest of Fortitude Valley and being small it allows them to do away with the cocktail menu. Instead, Denman will ask you what you like. “We want to make you a drink that you won’t just like but that you will love,” said Denman, “and the only way to do this is to talk with you and find out exactly what you do and don’t like.”


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