71A Macleay Street

Potts Point, NSW

Monopole is the new Potts Point wine bar from Bentley owners, chef Brent Savage and sommelier Nick Hildebrant. While the focus might be on wine, the drinks list isn’t to be neglected: it’s one for the spirits geeks too. It definitely has a touch of the somms about it and that’s no bad thing – the different spirituous forms of the humble grape get a good run here. For example, there’s not two or three marcs and grappas, but eight of them, and they’re no moonshining, half-arsed spirits either. This is good stuff.


They have a handful of small producer Cognacs, a 1970 vintage Domfrontais (a Calvados appellation that includes pears in the distillation), and a selection of single malts that would have any Scotch fan pleased.

The wine, of course, is a strength, and the by the glass list will keep the indecisive among us happily entertained.

And just in case you’d had a hard day and simply had to have something stronger, there’s a dozen-strong cocktail list that sticks strictly to the classics. Which just goes to show, really, that sommeliers drink just as much (and maybe as hard) as mixologists.

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