Woodford Reserve’s Ryes


A select group of top bartenders and owners gathered at Gowings Bar & Grill on Tuesday night to taste through some beautiful whiskies from Woodford Reserve. Brand Ambassador Stuart Reeves was on hand to lead guests through an informal tasting and feast. And when we say feast, well, that’s exactly what the Gowings Bar & Grill team served up. Check out the menu below for the dishes and whiskey pairs. It was great to see how Woodford had experimented with different expressions, from the release of their standard bearer, Distillers Select, right up to the newer Master’s Collection releases.

A highlight of the night was seeing their Rare Rye Aged Oak and Rare Rye New Oak side by side. Reeves described them by saying that “one is grain forward (the aged cask) and one is barrel forward (the new cask).”

“Side by side they present an interesting experiment between the effects of new and used oak, on the industry’s first ever triple pot distilled 100% rye,” said Reeves.




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