36 Manchester Lane Melbourne

Here’s a charitable idea we can get behind: head to new Melbourne bar, Shebeen, buy a beer like Tusker (which is from Kenya) and see the profits from the sale of said beer go to help Kenyan farmers get access to tools, education and insurance so that they can get out of hunger. In fact you grab a beer from Ethiopia and help a farming project there; buying a glass of South African wine sends profits towards school books for kids in the KwaZulu-Natal and getting an El Jimador margarita helps small agricultural outfits in Mexico. Shebeen is suggesting that the simple act of ordering a drink can be more, without being too preachy. The venture has the support of Vernon Chalker, Brown-Forman and Schweppes among others, so go make a difference — go and have a drink!

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  1. Fantastic idea Shebeem. We need to made more aware that while we’re having a great night out on the town splashing cash all over there’s plenty of folks around the world that can’t get enough to eat let alone an Espresso Martini!

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