Cantina Sociale – not just another wine bar


108 Sturt Street Adelaide

One thing that is inescapable in Adelaide is wine. It’s everywhere, and it’s little wonder given the rich, plentiful supply they have in them there Hills surrounding the city. So the advent of a new wine bar might be a little pedestrian; does Adealide need another wine bar? Well Cantina Sociale does things a little differently. Set up by winemakers the small space fills up quickly and has a definite buzz about it. That may be due to the wine they’re drinking: instead of the usual bottle and glass list, they’re pouring wines straight from the cask and you won’t be able to find these wines anywhere else — just at Cantina Sociale. And, kindly, they’ve got a reasonably priced bar menu to nibble on whilst you explore the one-off wines. Small dishes like the white anchovies, garlic and parsley on a baguette or sardines on toasted rye all caught our eye; there’s cheese platters and cured meats for those not so fish-inclined.

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