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Campari’s National Brand Ambassador, Oliver Stuart, says that often the information that bartenders find most interesting during training sessions is the tidbits that come up in the course of presentations, often as an aside. And it’s this avenue he hopes their recently launched blog, The Cocktail Studio will go down. The blog has already had great feedback from bartenders, becoming the kind of place where bartenders can come and share ideas, recipes, stories — and these little gems of trivia.

He says is ready-made for this. “[It’s a place for] the stuff that people like to hear about – things like why proof is called proof — and it is a place to put all these interesting things, via pictures, stories and videos online, so you don’t have to necessarily come to a training on a Wednesday afternoon,” he said.

The site sees Campari’s brand ambassadors sharing recipes and stories and an online community growing around them, as bartenders pick up on new posts via social media. There’s a strong link, said Stuart, between putting up a post and getting feedback from bartenders. “The response is strong on social media – lots of likes, lots of sharing,” he said.


Stuart hopes the blog will get bigger and better as he looks at taking on more contributors in the future.

“I just want it to grow and have reputation for being a place where you can find historic and contemporary recipes, interesting stories and content,” he said. “It’s a blog and it’s only going to get bigger and bigger,” he said, “and in the future I want to be able to have guest contributors.”

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