Behind Bars take on Zeta Bar at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel


Zeta Bar at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel has got a new consultancy behind it — Sven Almenning’s Behind Bars will provide ongoing consultation on Zeta Bar’s exciting drinks program. “We are delighted to collaborate with one of Sydney’s leading cocktail venues at the iconic Hilton Sydney,” said Behind Bar’s Russ McFadden. Along with Dr Phil Gandevia, McFadden will be managing the new partnership. They say they’re keen to work with Zeta Bar’s mixologists, “joining forces to introduce fresh new cocktails and intriguing concepts,” while they “continue exploring cutting edge techniques.”

A new menu will be in place by June featuring new drinks and mixology concepts alongside old favourites and twisted classics, they said.

Behind Bars takes over from Grant Collins’ Barsolutions, which has been responsible for Zeta since it opened.

Speakeasy Group’s Eau de Vie crowdsource a cocktail book


In other Almenning news, Eau de Vie took to the interwebs for their latest project: crowdfunding the publishing of Eau de Vie’s very own cocktail book. Just one week after launching their fundraising campaign on the website, they hit 150% of the target.

The famous New York cocktailing bar, Employees Only, also used a crowd-sourcing site to help to fund the medical bills of one of its barbacks last year.

How long will it be until the build and launch of an Australian bar is funded like this?

Click here to find out more about Eau de Vie’s cocktail book, Cocktails Done the Eau de Vie Way.

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