Watch PDT’s Jim Meehan talk cocktail books

Jim Meehan at NYC's PDT

Who knew Google was so enthused about cocktail book archaeology? Last week they had Jim Meehan, owner of NYC’s PDT and author of his very own cocktail book, pop in to their offices to give a Google Talk. Meehan broke out the mezcal, making everyone a cocktail before launching in to a 45 minute talk that traced the history of cocktail books with a look towards their future. He talks about how he got his initiation into cocktail book archaeology when he enlisted as part of the crew that opened Audrey Saunders celebrated cocktail bar, the Pegu Club, back in 2005.

If you got some time to burn, check out the video below (he doesn’t really get into the cocktail book stuff until the 08:30 mark).


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