Sydney CBD drinking takes a voodoo twist

Papa Gedes 2

“The CBD scene has come a long way,” said Lara Dignam (Red Lantern), one part of a trio opening new voodoo-inspired Sydney small bar, Papa Gedes. Aiming to open in August, the bar takes its cues from a rich vein of voodoo taken from the Bond film Live and Let Die, New Orleans and Haiti.

“Papa Gedes is a voodoo spirit of lust and laughter,” said Dignam. She’s joined in the new bar by Michael Dhinse (ex-Grasshopper, Grandma’s) who, having worked at these two city small bars has a wealth of experience to draw on. Together with Joshua Ng (ex- Ivy Pool and Hemmesphere, currently at the Wild Rover) they’re putting cocktails front and centre of the new bar. “We’ll have a section on the menu which is a revivers section,” said Dhinse, “and the whole menu is like a soul awakening.”

The bar will hold 60 people. “We’re going for comfort, more than trying to cram in as many people as we can,” said Ng. They have just got their DA approved through council. Though they won’t be going all the way with the voodoo theme. “There’ll be no chicken sacrifices — yet,” said Dignam.

Papa Gedes is hoping to open in August, at 346-348 Kent St, Sydney.

  1. Anything Different For The Cbd Is Always A Good Thing. Just Doing It Well Is Another Thing. Terrible Name Though! Sounds Like Some Old Crusty Italian Joint That Has Its Ancient Owner Sitting In A Chair At The Back Of The Room, Staring At You All Night. “Hey Man, Lets Go To PAPA GEDES!???” “What? I Already Ate” Its Weird when Owners say the Name Is Inspired By Some Film, And Then Nobody Really Gets It. Missing The Point. People Dont Go To Bars To Be Fascinated By The Inspiration Behind It And Order The Things Designed For Them, They Go To Do What They Want, And Get Pissed, In The Most Embarrasing Way Possible.

  2. To “differemtforthesakeofbeingdifferent” that’s a ridiculous comment. Crawl back into the hole you came from and drink alone.

    I for one love the name, and concept behind Papa Gedes. Add into that concept a crack team like these three, you will most certainly be onto an absolute gem of a small bar!

    Well done guys, and good luck with the build. Can’t wait to check it out!

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