Blessed are the cheesemongers and Milk the Cow

Milk The Cow

Milk the Cow

157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Melbourne

Why someone hasn’t come up with this sooner is beyond us. Sure you could go out, have a cocktail, nibble on some entrees, get some mains and share a bottle of wine before moving onto the cheese plate — but why bother? Life is short, screw dessert; get me some cheese and booze.

This new bar combines the fromagerie with the fine booze, and we think this is great. They have over 100 cheeses available from throughout the world. Cheesemongers are on hand to guide you in the choice of cheese you might like — they must have one to suit whatever taste you have — and they’ll even suggest a drink match — whether its wine, beer, spirits or cocktails.


“The exciting range of cheeses available at Milk the Cow have been carefully selected to allow you to experience some of the greatest artisan cheeses from around the world,” said Milk the Cow’s resident cheesemonger, Laura Lown. Like their 12 month old Comte which is matured in a stone fort, or their Roquefort, aged in a cave, they said. “Needless to say,” said Lown, “whether you like your strong, spicy blues, striking pungent washed-rinded cheeses, or you just simply prefer a good cheddar, Milk the Cow offers a wide variety of local and global cheeses” she said.

We suggest trying one of their cheese flights, in which they pair either four wines, beers or spirits with four of their brilliant cheeses.

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