The Butterworth

The Butterworth

Ground Floor, Exchange Plaza, Perth

The Butterworth, in the heart of Perth’s CBD and located in Exchange Plaza, has been kicking goals with the food, but it’s the drinks that we’re interested in — and with good reason. The cocktail bar is headed up by Mike de Vos (check out our Introducing section this issue) who is lending the skills he’s used at Luxe and Bobeche while he waits for his own bar to get up off the ground.

The drinks offering covers all the classics with daisies, sours, fixes and fizzes all on the menu. Add a smart by the glass wne list — including such choice drops as the Bress Pinot and a fume blanc to counter the veritable savalanche going on — and this is a place where the well-heeled and the well-in-need-of-a-good-drink will find a lot to satisfy.

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