‘What was the movie when the sheilas got up on the bar and danced?’ Watch new series, The Pub With No Beer

The Pub With No Beer

Here’s something to give you a good chuckle. This short flick from Schweppes’ Cocktail Revolution shows a small country pub, The Old Hepburn Hotel (which has been keeping locals watered for 100 years) as they switch off the beer taps and shake up some cocktails for their regulars. Understandably, some of the reactions are quite amusing.

It’s part of a three-part series running online, and well worth a view or two. Particularly keep an eye out for the old mates who have got some great lines (and might not be too familiar with cocktail bars), like these below:

Old mate: “So it’s a cocktail bar now? This is good. Get up on the bar now. Have you seen that movie? What was it called? When the sheilas got up on the bar and danced.”

Other old mate: “Wolfy Coyote?”


They get there in the end. Check out the video below and visit the site here to watch more of the characters involved.

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