Month: August 2013

The bar within a bar: Bar Lou Lou

The striking thing about Bar Lou Lou is the graffiti art mural that covers an entire wall of the 30 seat small bar within Emmilou. It’s being treated as a separate identity to it’s bigger brother, with a dedicated food menu and cocktail list put together for the new, San-Sebastian inspired place.

Plymouth comes out on top in our gin blind tasting

Here’s 8 great gins tasted, scored and rated: We chose The Rook for this tasting for one very simple reason — this joint loves its gin. We put eight gins out in front of our panel to explore, and the tasting turned some heads…

Here’s seven 10-second cocktails to speed up your service

Working fast isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart. The craft cocktail renaissance has brought us many fine things: old, forgotten recipes, timeless drinks, a renewed sense of professionalism behind the bar. But as bartenders have learnt more about what they serve, new techniques and more variations on a Manhattan than I’ve had hot dinners, so too has the queue at the bar grown.