Month: October 2013

Check out the revamped Woolwich Pier Hotel

They’ve undergone a beautiful renovation and recently reopened. The fitout is a classy one, with lots of royal blue and timber — and it also has one of the best views of Sydney of any pub going around…

A new distributor from industry veteran

With the bar boom in full swing there’s never been a better time for access to new hooch, with the arrival of new distributor Icon Beverages on to the scene. “Our desire is to build a portfolio of brands that offer consumers and customers something truly unique and enjoyable,” said Icon Beverages owner Manuel Bonnici. “Each of the brands we have chosen does this.”

Master distiller John Georges in your town for tastings

There’s been a lot of action on all things Angostura of late — if you haven’t checked out this year’s winner of the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge make sure you click here — and there’s more to come with the visit to Australia by master distiller John Georges.

We talk to Merivale’s new man and Reematch!!! Beeyatch!!! founder Paul Mant

Paul Mant, a name most people equate with ridiculously cool London bars — not to mention the Reematch!!! Beeyatch!!! event — has now relocated to Sydney to work with the Merivale Group, taking over where Mike Enright left off. Australian Bartender took the chance to chat with our country’s most recent English immigrant to talk bars, booze and plans for the future…